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Diana 07 Apr 2019

An excellent doctor (with extensive experience in the state oncological hospital) gave very detailed advice on the existing numerous nevi and how best to remove them, and also told me all about melanoma.

Alina 07 Apr 2019

I am happy that I got into the hands of a great specialist from the medical center "POLSTAR". Touched by attention and careful approach to tooth extraction! I consider Leontiuk Sergey Anatolyevich as the main wizard of the clinic. With respect to all staff!!

Svetlana 07 Apr 2019

I want to express my deep gratitude to Sergey Anatolyevich Leontyuk! Many centers refused to help me, due to the severity of tooth extraction, but Dr. Leontyuk SA go meet me Painlessly and with permissible ease, clearly deleted me 8 ... Thank you so much !!!

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