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Lebed Olga Sergeevna

Lebed Olga Sergeevna - Polstar

Dentist therapist


26 years old


Graduate Dentist Therapist

Professional development in the Czech Republic and in America

Business Type:
  • treatment of uncomplicated and complicated caries
  • professional oral hygiene
  • splinting teeth
  • re-endodontic dental treatment
  • aesthetic dental restoration (veneers)
  • preparing the oral cavity for orthopedic treatment
  • teeth whitening (office, home, laser)
Professional activities
  • 14.06.-25.06.2004 "Diagnosis and treatment of pulpitis and apical periodontitis" (72 h.)
  • 13.04.-24.04.2009 "Prevention of dental diseases" (80 hours)
  • 02.04.-13.06.2008 "Modern materials and methods in the treatment of caries" (80 hours)
  • 14.10.-25.10.2013 “Modern materials and methods in the prevention and treatment of caries” (80 hours)
  • 03.24.-04.04.2014 "Clinical framacology and pharmacotherapy in dentistry" (80 hours)
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