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Petlakh Irina Vladimirovna - Polstar
Petlakh Irina Vladimirovna - Polstar

Director, Dentist-Therapist


30 years


The first in dentistry therapeutic


Business Type:


  • aesthetic dental restoration (veneers)
  • Endodontic treatment of teeth with canal filling using the method of vertical condensation (hot gutta percha)
  • repeated endodontic treatment of teeth under a microscope
  • Preparation of the oral cavity for orthopedic treatment
  • professional oral hygiene
  • splinting teeth
  • microprosthetics (making adhesive prostheses)
  • teeth whitening (office, home)


Professional activities


  • 08/01/1988-14.03.1990 Internship at the 7th dental clinic
  • 2000 "Surgical treatment of caries. New filling materials "
  • 08.01-06.02.2002 "Methods for treating the complications of caries" in Belmapo (156 hours)
  • 02.10-13.10.2006 "Aesthetic Dentistry" in Belmapo (70 hours)
  • 13.10.2008 "Clinical properties of depulped teeth. Restoration of endodontically treated teeth (7 hours)
  • 28-31.10.2008 participation in the VII International Scientific and Practical Conference on Dentistry
  • 11/06/2008 participation in lectures of the BROO specialists of dentistry "Actual issues of aesthetic dentistry" (6 hours)
  • 06.15-26.06.2009 participation in the seminar "Aesthetic reconstruction of teeth and dental rows" in Belmapo (80 h.)
  • 04.23.2010 participation in the international seminar “Modern technologies for the restoration of teeth. Aesthetics and functionality "
  • 14.03-25.03.2011 "Diagnosis and treatment of pulpitis and apical periodontitis" in Belmapo (80 h.)
  • 04/30/2011 Participation in the Pevsner M. seminar "Disinfection in endodontics (orthograde revision)
  • 10.21-01.11.2013 “Aesthetic microprosthetics of the front group of teeth” in Belmapo (80 hours)
  • 04.14-25.04.2014 “Radiation safety” at the branch of the Belarusian National Technical University (74 hours)
  • 12.05-23.05.2014 "Features of management, economics and financing of health care in modern conditions" in Belmapo (80 hours)
  • 03/30/03/04/2015 "Fire Safety" in IPKiPR IC (36 h.)
  • 02.20-03-03.2017 "Aspects of modern endodontics" in Belmapo (80 hrs.)


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